Forget about intense hours of mining and getting resources in an old-fashioned way. With XRay 1.16.5/1.16.4/1.15.2, you’ll be able to find any resource you need quick and easy with your x-ray vision in your Minecraft world.

But that’s not all, now you can also know what hides behind every chopped patch, every wall, and every move. Don’t let those mobs take you by surprise and leave no chest behind!

xray mod 1.16.5/1.16.4

What is Minecraft XRay mod?

As the name certainly implies, this mod gives you the possibility of having x-ray vision and looking through any solid surface inside Minecraft.

Originally it was designed to show only the rarest metals such as diamond and emerald. Once the mod was activated, it simply removed any rocks and lands that didn’t contain those metals from the map.

So when you actually found any boulder on your path, you knew there was some valuable piece of metal inside. But the newest versions have become much more active, and now you can find all kind of items, even the beds.

This means you can easily find other players even when they don’t want to be found. Also, some other important items such as chest can be spotted on sight. The best part is that you can actually select the items you want to be seen by the x-ray view.

It also shows some statistics such as the chunks and FPS and in the latest version, Advances x-ray, you can even see items from other mods.

Mod Screenshots for Minecraft 1.16.5/1.16.4

x-ray 1.14

How Does This Mod Work?

As you’ve probably noticed if you’re installing any of the latest versions, controllers have changed. Now you start your search by pressing “J” instead of the “X” button.

There you’ll access the setup menu where you can see and determine all the items available to hide or show on your X-ray vision.

There, click on the desired items that can include beds, metals, chests and many other different objects.

Then you do press the “X” button and the blocks that are not containing the object will automatically disappear. But that’s not it! The mod even shows in the map where the object is located.

XRay 1.5.0 – Changelog

We’ve hit another big update! This time around we’re seeing performance improvements and lots of fancy behind the scenes changes.


A completely new way of finding and rendering the blocks that you see.

This adds almost 100% improvement over the old scanning and rendering code.

This also improves lots of little things that no one cares about :P

A visual idicator for when XRay is turned on

This is on by default but it can be turned off via the config


Config saving issues

Buggy updating after placing or destorying an block

Possible double threading of the render

Config issues

Blocks not being added to the main display in some instances

Game crashing due to load on some systems

Game crashing on leaving current world without turned xray off then rentering the world.

How to install X-Ray Mod 1.16.5/1.16.4?

In the beginning, X-Ray Mod was one of the few mods that didn’t need Forge 1.16.2 to be installed. So, if you’re installing old versions you still won’t need it. On the other hand, if you’re planning on installing the Advanced version then you will need to install Forge first.

Required: Minecraft Forge

So after you decided whether or not you’ll have to install Forge first, is time to follow these steps:

  1. Download the mod version of your preference; original X-Ray Mod or Advanced Version.
  2. Download the official X-ray mod installer
  3. If you’re using Forge, paste the Advanced x-ray mod files into the “Mods” folder.
  4. IF you’re using X-ray the simply start Minecraft and create the profile, it should be automatically created with the mod.
  5. Open the installer and click “Download” and that’s it!

If you still have doubts please visit our detailed tutorial on Installing Minecraft Mods.

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