Recently many players have come across a problem when trying to install Optifine HD along with Minecraft forge. There are many posts in forums talking about the difficulty in installing them together.

If you have encountered the error of the image below, do not despair; it is not the end of our dear mod (Optifine).

The update of Forge came with many changes in its structure, and the optifine should be rewritten because what is happening is a compatibility error.

The sp614x (creator of OptiFine) is currently working on OptiFine-Forge compatibility. Some versions of optifine have already been released, but according to the changelog, they are still incompatible with forge.

The creator of Forge pronounces on the case

Just as many have asked if this would be a problem coming from the forge, LexManos forge creator pronounced on a topic in his forum, and spoke amazing things, after a question by one of the forum members, see what he said:

Question asked by JModder99

So, now with the rewrite optifine is broken, but we are going to speak of that on the Forge side.


Will forge keep adding code to help on optifine compat or,

Forge will expect optifine to fix itself on the future (by making a new branch or a rewrite etc) or

No more Forge + OptiFine and we should look into alternatives like the ConectedTexturesMod?

What do you think?

Answer by LexManos

No, Forge will not be making any more special fixes for Optifine.

We had a massive system of hooks that were specifically designed for Optfine, and he never used them correctly.

It wouldn’t be difficult with modern build systems to have a optional compatibility class that is utilized when it detects that Forge is also installed.

He just never did.

However, the new loading system WAS designed to be extensible.

So it’ll be on him to make things work.

On a personal note, I would encourage the community to adopt a more open ‘performance improvement’ mod/standard. As I am never a fan of a single closed product being the holy grail of performance ‘improvements’. As in my experience it has caused more issues then it fixed. So i’d much rather see a series of smaller mods, or modules that each have their own reproducible unit tests to verify the performance changes. Features on the other hand like connected textures, or extended shader hooks, should be in separate modules as well. Tho.. connected textures for mods is already possible on the modder side. There just needs to be a light weight/single purpose mod to add them to vanilla blocks.

After these words, optifine fans at the very least can wait for a specific update for the compatibility between both, since the forge has already done everything that could have done.

Is this the end of the compatibility between these two great tools?

Now it’s just waiting to see how to finish this story; we will be updating this post when we have more news.