So the new Minecraft version, Minecraft 1.14 “village and pillage” is now in the final pre-release phase. While it’s a whole new update, it centers in the construction and addition of new villages.

If you’re a fan of building and crafting, without a doubt, you’ll love the 1.14. All kinds of new village styles will adapt to all the latest and previous biomes to expand the world in a way you didn’t imagine.

The best part is that it will not only include regular villages like savannah villages, but it will include very creepy ones such as zombie villages! But that’s not it, some people consider this as the most significant Minecraft update, surpassing even the 1.13 version by adding a vast number of new things! Let’s check it out!

Is it coming out soon or will we have to wait?

As we all know, the supposed release date was for early 2019, but by now we also know that we’ll have to wait a bit longer. While many users may be annoyed by this, the newest pre-release make it visible why it would take so long.

Starting by the fact that they’ve upgraded almost every texture in the game, this couldn’t be a job to be done in a rush. Including the grass block which is determining for Minecraft structure, changing it without the necessary care could ruin the whole gaming experience.

Also, there’s a vast number of new elements such as the bamboo forest and pandas, which we could already see in the Bedrock edition and PlayStation 4 edition (many details were being slowly released on these versions prior adding them to the java version).

Besides that, the pre-release one showed a lot of bugs yet to be fixed, so it would take some more time. Nevertheless, the feedback for the second release makes the process much faster, and users are already helping fix all the remaining bugs, so Majong announced the official release date would be out soon.

To everyone’s surprise, the update is closer than we thought, the update was scheduled for April 23, 2019.

What’s new about this Village and Pillage update?

As we already mentioned, if there’s something new about this update is the textures. They’ve changed almost everything, and the upgrades are fantastic. But that’s far from being everything, like the blocks, mobs, and biome updates are also huge. They even included shipwrecks, a trendy addition filled with treasure chests.

As the name implies, a whole new set of mobs called pillagers is included. These villagers are hostile, and they are armed with a crossbow that shoots arrows every 3 seconds. They can engage in battles with neutral mobs and attack villagers, but they will never attack other pillagers.

Some other great features as the “Bad Omen” come along with the villagers. Also, they may ride “Ravagers” which are also hostile and destructive four-legged mobs that move slowly but generate massive damage.

Let’s check out some of the new features we’ll have when this version is finally released:


To begin with, you’ll be able to climb vines without adding support blocks. But besides that, there’re fantastic additions:

Utility blocks: you can find them in villages

• Barrel: it’s found at the fisher cottage, and it is a small container. Works similarly to a single chest but with a solid block for functioning.
• Bell: you can’t craft it, only find it in villages and it goes “Ding” when right clicked.
• Blast furnace: faster for melting, and as efficient as a conventional furnace but gives fewer experience points. Find it at the armorer shop.
• Cartography table: expand your maps. Find it at the cartographer shop.
• Composter: decompose fruits and veggies to produce bone meal.
• Grindstone: pretty useful it removes simple enchantments from tools while combining the durability of two damaged ones. Gives back a bit of experience.
• Lectern: several players can read a book at the same time.
• Loom: improves banners patterning.
• Smoker: increase your food cooking with the same fuel efficiency as a furnace.
• Stonecutter: craft from stones with only one block.

Building blocks:

• Scaffolding: build with bamboo blocks.
• Lantern: new light block, it’s craftable.
• Different signs from different woods.
• Several stairs, slab and walls variants such as bricks, red nether, end stone, and stone bricks; red, smooth and regular sandstone; regular and polished diorite and granite, etc.


• Wandering trader
• Trader Llama
• Brown mushroom
• Fox
• Panda
• Pillagers
• Ravagers


• Crossbow: always remains loaded and ready-to-shoot while in the inventory. It deals a bit more damage and can be enchanted. Three new crossbow-only enchantings are available.
• Bamboo: for crafting scaffolding.
• Suspicious stew: according to the flowers used to craft it, it produces different effects. It can also be found in a treasure chest inside shipwrecks.
• Dyes: now you can craft different tints such as brown, blue, white and black dyes. They all are crafted from various elements.

World Generation: this is probably one of the categories with better updates.

• Plains, desserts, savannah and taiga biomes are now unique.
• New village for the ice plains.
• Pillagers now respawn around the pillagers’ outpost which has a loot chest on top.
• Fresh flowers including cornflower, Lilly of the Valley and wither rose.
• Sweet berry and sweet berry bushes.


A bamboo jungle is now included with its hills. There you can find unique bamboos and natural pandas.

Status effect

The mentioned Bad Omen that unleashes a villager raid into any village when the cursed player enters it. Makes villagers stop trading and it’s acquired when killing a villager patrol leader.


What other changes can we found in this update?

If that’s not enough for you, don’t worry! There’s much more to be added in this new release. Now you can repair tools with grindstone instead of crafting grid; the clothes on the villagers will be related only to the biome they come from; cats are now tamable with a collar included, and ocelots can breed.

So, now you have a general idea of what’s coming next in the Village and Pillage version of Minecraft! What do you think? Are you as excited as we are? Bet you are! On April 23, 2019, a new world in Minecraft begins!