Installing the OptiFine together with the forge is a simple process, and you will not have much trouble.


  • If you already have the forge installed, make sure your .minecraft/mods folder is empty.
  • If you intend to play with optifine and more mods, first install the forge and then optifine, and then your mods.
  • All mods must be in version 1.13.2.

Attention, 03/27/2019:

If you have encountered an error with the following sentence, do not worry the mod is not over, it’s just a compatibility error.

Warning while loading mods, 1 warning has occurred during loading

File Optifine is not a valid mod file

The latest release of Optifine is not yet compatible with the forge, the creator team of the mod is working on compatibility between the two.
The tutorial works correctly, the problem is the lack of compatibility, I will be informing when they are compatible.

How do you Install OptiFine and Minecraft Forge Together

  1. Update your Minecraft to 1.13.2; open your launcher, go to the version selection arrow and choose Latest release 1.13.2.
  2. Then download and install Minecraft Forge; if you do not know how to install, see our tutorial on how to install minecraft mods.
  3. Download OptiFine;
    • You should move the downloaded file to the “mods” folder, so open the windows run: type %appdata% and open .minecraft/mods, in the opened folder, drop the file.
    • With OptiFine installed, now let’s open Minecraft.
  4. Open the Launcher, choose the profile created by forge 1.13.2, and “Play“.
  5. Your Minecraft is ready, visit our Mods page, and download some mods to play with optifine and forge together.
    Good game!