If you want to learn how to install Minecraft mods you have come to the right place, first, do not forget to read this article until the end, you will leave here as a professional mods installer.

Playing with Minecraft Mods is the great goal of most Minecraft players, the truth is that this can often become a significant headache, given that most of these players do not know and can not begin, we bring a tutorial complete of how to install Minecraft mods using forge.

Why should you use Minecraft Forge?

First of all let’s explain how the mods work, and what the forge is for; Each mod has its developer, there are lots of programming codes to add new features and features to Minecraft, but most of these mods need a tool that can clearly make the best minescraft mods load with the highest compatibility possible with game, and other mods.

That’s where Minecraft Forge comes on the scene; Forge is a free tool (Modding API) designed to support the mods created by the Minecraft community, so most mods practically require it. You should check if the mod needs the forge.

Now that you’ve learned a little about Mods, in theory, let’s put into practice how to install Minecraft mods.

How to Install Minecraft Mods 1.16.5/1.16.4?

1- The first thing you will do is update your Minecraft to the version you want. Open Minecraft Launcher > Launch options> Add new> choose the version that you want, and press Save (we will use version 1.16), and let the update finish, after, close your launcher.

2- Now download Minecraft Forge, then open the installer, leave the Install Client option checked and press OK.

3- To install the mods move the .jar files from the mods to the Mods folder created by the forge; download the best Minecraft mods you want.

  • Windows:

On Windows the mods folder is located in the directory .minecraft/mods and is generated after Forge is run at least once. To reach the directory, type %appdata% and open .minecraft into the search box or Run (Windows: Windows key + R).

  • macOS:

On macOS the mods folder is located in the directory ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft and is generated after Forge has run at least once. To reach the directory, press Command key + Shift key + G while a Finder window is selected and enter ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft .

  • Linux:

On linux the mods folder is located in the directory ~/.minecraft and is generated after Forge is run at least once. To reach the directory on Ubuntu press the Control key + H in the home directory and the minecraft folder should be revealed.

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4- Open your Minecraft Launcher again, when opening the list of versions, you will have a new version called forge, select and press PLAY, the game will be opened along with the previously installed mods.